FEARS part of Pembroke Dock’s history may be lost to the community have been raised by a local councillor.

It is believed Pembroke Dock’s Martello Tower on Front Street is being placed up for auction by Pembrokeshire county Council, despite hopes the Victorian military tower may be used by a community group.

Pembroke Dock County Councillor Josh Beynon said: “I was made aware last week that the Martello Tower down on Front Street is due to go up for auction in July by the county council.

“There was always uncertainty over the building, but I had been working with the museum trust in this time to try and save the building.

“I am disappointed this is the current plan by the council, and I am hell-bent on ensuring everything is done to save the tower and retain it as a community asset.

“Pembroke Dock is rich in history and it would be criminal to sell off our most historical assets which promote the town and show off its uniqueness.

“Pembroke Dock is unfairly disadvantaged when it comes to certain aspects of council business and lacks support when it comes to building the community together.

“The best thing for the county council would be to identify a suitable partner such as the town council or town team and let them decide how to use the asset going forward.”

Though the tower and another fortication on Fort Road are known as Martello towers, they are actually Cambridge Gun Towers.

The two towers were constructed to the west and east sides of the dockyard and are dated to 1851.

A spokesman for Pembrokeshire County Council said: "The county council can confirm that the Martello Tower at Front Street, Pembroke Dock, it is to be sold unless a viable and sustainable offer is received from the community.

"We are still prepared to listen to any community group that wants to make such a proposal."