Some homes and businesses are without water this morning (Thursday) following a burst water main.

Homes in the Johnston, Neyland, Llanstadwell, Waterston, Rosemarket and surrounding areas have been affected.

A post on the Dwr Cymru website, said: "We have a team on site repairing the damaged main and we anticipate that water supplies should begin returning to normal by early early afternoon.

"When the water supply is restored some customers may notice some discolouration of their tap water, this is normal in this situation and the water should clear when run from a cold tap.

"We apologise for the inconvenience caused."

Pembrokeshire County Council said the Pembrokeshire Learning Centre (Neyland site) is closed today as a result of the burst water main.

Neyland Community School is open as normal. 

Dwr Cymru update at 2.05pm: "Our team are still working to repair the burst, it is taking slightly longer than anticipated but we hope to have your supplies fully restored by later this afternoon."