THERE is much ‘discussion’ regarding green energy.

I am no engineer or scientist; however, I would like to query this green energy.

Firstly, where and how are these solar panels made, and also the large wind turbines?

Are they made in the UK or China?

The transportation of these green energy; how many miles?

Wind turbines are massive tubes of steel. Is this steel British or Chinese, bearing in mind Chinese steel is not of the same standard as British steel.

They are set in six foot of concrete, the blades are a fire risk, the noise disturbs the wildlife and also people’s lives.

What is the lifespan of solar panels and the effect on wildlife and plant life?

Remember, if this green energy equipment is made in China, they will not have the same level of protection to our climate; they are big polluters.

The working conditions for their staff, bearing in mind 14 young women committed suicide in China due to their working conditions and controls.

The electric cars and the batteries, which will contain lithium, cadmium, which are all cancer-forming and obtained by child slave labour (the same is in mobile phones).

Extracting the minerals for lithium-ion batteries powering electric batteries has led to detrimental human rights and an impact on the environment which power these so-called ‘green’ vehicles and continue to be tainted by human rights of the Congo, including child labour and exposure to serious health risks.

These are the words of Amnesty secretary Kumi Naidoo.

By 2030 there will be 11 million tons of discarded lithium and no facilities for recycling.

Perhaps we need to take a step back and not rush into this so-called ‘green energy’ without proper thought for the disposal of all this equipment safely in the future.

Incidentally, I refuse to own a mobile phone because of the child slave labour involved.


St Clears