REPORTS of 'inappropriate behaviour' by enforcement officers handing out fines in Pembrokeshire have been wide of the mark, according to a council report.

A report to the services overview and scrutiny committee tomorrow (Tuesday) details complaints made by the public against enforcement officers working with District Enforcement, the company that hands out fines for offences such as littering and dog fouling.

Since the team began work in September 2018, comments and complaints have been widespread online about the way enforcement officers have gone about issuing tickets.

A working group was set up and has been able to view bodycam footage of interaction between members of the public and enforcement officers.

The report states: "Having viewed footage members were satisfied that the actions of District Enforcement Officers when issuing fixed penalty notices (FPN) had been proportionate and that reports of inappropriate behaviour on the part of District Enforcement Officers that had been read on social media were inaccurate."

The report adds that the number of complaints was just two per cent of the total number of FPNs, which was 2,108 to March 21, 2019.

The report goes on: "It was also noted that behaviour change was already being observed in some of the larger towns in Pembrokeshire with reductions in littering, likely to be due to the effect of the enforcement initiative."

The working group has suggested that money received from FPNs be used to employ a dedicated member of staff to deal with District Enforcement related matters, including complaints.

The group also recommends extending the contract with the company for a further year from September.