FISHGUARD'S Rainbow Support Charity has announced it will be closing in the next few months, saying that, despite reconfiguring in an attempt to deliver the aims of the charity, it is "still not working".

The charity was set up in 2016 by the late Yvonne Pye. When the Fishguard mother and grandmother was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer she ploughed her unstoppable energy into creating a centre so that that others in a similar situation didn't have to face it alone.

The centre in West Street was opened by Jerome Flynn in Spring 2017. It offered people in Pembrokeshire with cancer or life-limiting illness, their families and carers complementary therapies, integrative medicine, yoga, workshops, counselling, information and advice, as well as a quiet place to pop into relax and have a cup of tea or coffee.

In September last year the charity moved to Fishguard's Gateway Hub and continued to provide services from there. However, in March it announced that it would no longer be working from a fixed base but would continue to fulfil its aims.

Last week the charity announced that it was closing.

"After continuously changing in every possible way to deliver the aims of the charity, it is still not working," said a spokesman.

"Therefore, after much deliberation at a recent meeting, it was unanimously agreed by the Rainbow Support Committee to close the charity."

Rainbow Support chairman, Janet Wyer, added:

"It has been a sad and difficult decision to make. But a positive action, as the committee also unanimously agreed to transfer all our monetary assets to a local charity that compliments and reflects the ethos of Rainbow Support; Shalom House.

"In doing so the vision of Yvonne Pye, founder of Rainbow, will continue but via another charity. as the services and ethos of Shalom House fully complement those aims of Rainbow Support."

Shalom operates as a specialist palliative day care centre offering planned respite to patients and therefore to families and carers as well.

All its services are free of charge and it has recently introduced a series of focus or special interest days for those patients who may not want to attend weekly, on topics such as fatigue management, anxiety, carer support.

Rainbow has a supply of saleable logo goods such as T shirts, Tote bags and key rings. These can be bought via the Rainbow Support Centre Facebook page and profits will also be donated to Shalom House.

"Rainbow Support would like to thank everyone for their continuous support," said Mrs Wyer. "The community support, donations and fund raising have been never ending since Yvonne opened its doors.

"We would also like to thank Jerome Flynn, our patron, who has always fully supported the charity in any way that he can, as well as the trustees and committee members, individual supporters and the Gateway Hub.