I HAVE, once again, been encouraged to put pen to paper.

I was furious with the increase in the ‘Poll Tax’ on Band D houses; I was, and still am, disgusted over Brexit and democracy, and now, to say I am annoyed is an understatement.

I have just reached 80 years, I had an important letter from the pension department to state I was now going to receive an increase of 25p per week because of the advanced years! What an insult to the elderly!

Now the elderly are being used again to bring money into the system. We are now being expected to pay for the TV service with the TV licence.

With one hand I have £1 per month increase in my pension and with the other hand, I have now got to find £155 from next June to pay for the licence.

Wow, the joys of getting old are unbelievable.

We are trying to live in this century where minds and decisions are being controlled by gadgets galore.

We cannot buy diesel cars now, change to petrol!!

Then electric cars are being encouraged (up goes the electric bill!!) and some cars even drive themselves – I give up!

Society will become ‘robotical’ and plugged in, and people will get even more confused in their own homes.

I am now rambling on, so will put the pen to one side.

However, last night at 6pm, opposite the town clock, a kind driver stopped for this old lady to cross the road.

It was such a surprise in this day and age and I began to appreciate the ‘joy’ of being old!!



p.s I’m also cheesed off trying to find the right bag and bin to put the rubbish in.