I WAS disheartened to read your Western Telegraph June 12 article entitled “I could grow lemons” with a number of local councillors [including Cllr John Cole, pictured, who said climate change would be a chance to grow oranges and lemons] displaying their skepticism toward climate change.

I would implore these decision makers to take another look at this viewpoint.

Six years ago a study concluded that 97 per cent of 12,000 peer-reviewed papers on climate science agree that climate change is happening now, and it’s human-led. 195 countries have pledged to reduce carbon emissions to lessen the impact of climate change, with the UK recently declaring it a national emergency. It is not scaremongering, it is happening.

Pembrokeshire is not immune to climate change and with its extensive coastline, areas of important ecological significance as well as widespread agriculture, it is more at risk of irreversible change to the landscape than most.

So, while we may be able to grow lemons in Pembrokeshire at some point in the future, some of the current flora and fauna we have here might not survive unless we mitigate climate change.


Nolton Haven