WITH regards to your ‘I could grow lemons’ article in the Western Telegraph, June 12, while warmly welcoming Pembrokeshire County Council’s recognition of the fact that they have a responsibility to act pro-actively to minimise the county’s impact on climate change I was not impressed with the flippantly trivialising comments of Cllr John Cole (Merlins Bridge).

[Editor’s note: Cllr John Cole, pictured, said climate change would be a chance to grow oranges and lemons in Pembrokeshire].

Perhaps he should reflect on whether or not he has the necessary gravitas and awareness of global issues to represent the people of Pembroke or if his time might be better spent in tending his plants.

Alternatively, Cllr Cole could travel the world and enlighten himself over the inevitable famine, mass migration, flood, drought and conflict over fast-diminishing resources that will ensue should the temperature rise by the two degrees necessary for him to grow his lemons.