I WELCOME your newspaper’s reporting on the attitudes of certain county councillors, Western Telegraph, June 12, article P6.

Cllr Jacob Williams favours “separating eco and green issues from climate change concerns”; you might as well try to debate capital punishment without touching on ethics!

Cllr Mike Stoddart questions the efficiency of renewable energy, when the Government’s own statistics and the Committee on Climate Change confirm that onshore wind turbines generate the cheapest electricity, bar none.

Meanwhile Cllr John Cole says “the damage climate change would do is scaremongering” – but sea level rise could hit his Merlin’s Bridge ward very hard indeed.

The Climate Emergency is all about trying to safeguard the future.

So, whenever visiting the county’s schools, these councillors should nail their colours to the mast: let's have them face the pupils, and explain why they refuse to accept the overwhelming scientific consensus on climate change.

Let these men also explain to our children and grandchildren why they might oppose county council policies which could steer us all in a safer direction; and, cards on the table – are there any County Hall dinosaurs intending to vote down renewable energy planning applications despite the pollution reduction, the quality jobs, and the communal prosperity they could bring to west Wales?