YOUR article ‘I could grow lemons’ [Western Telegraph, June 12] is very interesting.

However, Cllr John Cole, who said it, should be aware of one simple geographical fact.

North Pembrokeshire lies at 52 degrees North.

Therefore it is at the same latitude as Labrador and Newfoundland in Canada and Siberia in Russia. It is only the wonderful Gulf Stream ocean current that gives the UK, especially West Wales, such a mild winter climate.

However, on occasion, a high-pressure area builds up over Scandinavia in winter, as a mass of heavy cold air tumbles down from the North Pole.

This is what occurred in late February 2018 triggering ‘the Beast from the East’ very cold snap.

The wind blows clockwise around a high-pressure zone, or anticyclone, in the Northern Hemisphere and the opposite in the Southern Hemisphere.

Just as well it happened in late February.

It had been minus 62 Celsius in Central Siberia in January 2018.

No global warming there!!

Now, if a high-pressure, future...builds up over southern Sweden before Christmas......and sticks there all winter........LOOK OUT!!

The poor UK won't know what's hit it! It will be a repeat of the severe winter of 1962-63. The location of Sweden means that moist Atlantic westerlies reaching the UK will drop vast amounts of snow on us as they meet the severely cold easterlies from Siberia. It could happen any winter soon......or maybe in 10 years’ time!

But it WILL happen!!

However, since the UK Government wants to scrap fossil fuel energy in favour of wind turbines, there will be another major, major problem.

If the bitterly cold easterlies blow below 15 mph, tens of thousands of wind turbines, supposedly providing our UK electricity, will be completely on stop.......possibly for weeks or months!

Then, very thick ice will build up on their massive blades. Huge chunks, weighing half a tonne or more, could be thrown dangerously up to 300 metres when the thaw eventually arrives.

Without enough fossil fuel electricity, the UK will grind to a halt and thousands will die of hypothermia. Electric cars? Forget them...there will be nowhere near the 60,000 MW required for our homes, offices and factories let alone another 30,000 MW to charge electric cars!!

A ‘Zero Carbon Area’ at Milford Waterfront? How bizarrely ironic is that? The 2,000 MW Gas-fired Power Station at Pembroke...alone...oversupplies the whole of Wales with electricity, since Wales uses 1,850 MW on average.

Then, of course, the Liquefied Natural Gas [LNG] from Qatar supplies much of England. Milford Haven is one of the chief FOSSIL FUEL...i.e CARBON ENERGY...suppliers of the whole UK. A very important place!! It will desperately needed in a severe winter!

To shed more light on this ‘global warming’ debate, I suggest that readers Google the ‘Evidence-based climate science, 2011’ report by Don Easterbrook.

It makes fascinating reading.