THE group which has decorated Haverfordwest town centre with knitted ocean creatures is looking for a new home to carry out its secretive work.

The Haverfordwest Yarn Bombers knit and crochet decorations and hang them at night or early morning bring sudden bursts of colour to the town centre.

The group consists of approximately 40 women aged between their 20s and 80s, who meet every Tuesday to prepare their next colourful creations.

They are currently based in the Picton Centre, Freemens Way, but are looking for a new home and need the help of the public to find one.

Sally Williams, who helps to run the group said: “After moving out of Ocky White’s old building and moving to the Picton Centre is has become apparently clear that we don’t have enough storage, we ideally need a room to ourselves.

“When we yarn bomb, so many ladies work on so many different pieces, we really need to leave them out to continue working on or to have a large store room to be able to store our work.

She added: “We also need to pop in on occasion and work on projects, tidy up and sort wool.”

The group is looking for an empty room within the town, large enough to hold between 20 and 30 women at a time, which is warm, with a toilet and sink and parking.

“A big ask we realise,” said Sally, “but we have a lot riding on this as to how the yarn bombs progress.”

The yarn bombers’ current display is themed around the ocean and plastic pollution, with plastic bottles woven into the knitted seaweed outside the Shire Hall, and a crocheted octopus sat atop a bus stop near Haverfordwest’s new bridge.

Last year, the yarn bombers created a poppy display for the centenary of the end of the First World War and in the past they have also created Christmas themed decorations.