YOUR ‘Poo-pit Sands? Fears for beach loo’ article, Western Telegraph, June 26, was timely.

It illustrates a problem becoming more common in Pembrokeshire and elsewhere – the disappearance of public toilets owned and maintained by local authorities.

The formerly excellent public toilets on the Newgale (Lower) car park have been closed for many months and the building is now deteriorating rapidly.

As far as I am aware, there are no signs that this very valuable public facility will ever be restored. Yet Pembrokeshire Council continues to rake in very substantial sums in car parking charges where the toilets are located.

Pembrokeshire Council only has to look a few miles down the coast to Broadhaven for the potential answer. There, the public toilets in the council-owned car park are well maintained.

OK, there is a 40p charge for their use, which might seem a bit steep. But at least they are available when nature calls!

So Pembrokeshire Council, open your eyes to the threat to two of your most beautiful assets – Poppit Sands and Newgale Beach.

Please restore these public toilets that are vital for locals and visitors alike, and at the same time help to preserve your beaches’ hard-earned Blue Flag status.


Craven Arms,