REGARDING the recent Western Telegraph letters page, it would appear that a lot of good folk are becoming somewhat agitated over the remarks by certain Pembrokeshire councillors.

Now whilst climate change, be it warming or cooling (back in the 70s there was talk of a pending ice age), should not be idly dismissed, a sense of proportion and common sense is needed.

The ‘real’ threat to the continuance of the Human Race is surely overpopulation and since we live on a planet with finite resources, Armageddon becomes a possible frightening scenario.

There is also too much muddying of the waters in relation to wind and solar generation and it is ingenuous of Christopher Jessop, Marloes, to try and justify energy-limited wind farms.

It should be fully recognised that when the wind is not blowing at the correct speed, wind farms produce zero electricity – the utter madness of wind farms is truly illustrated when owners of certain wind farms are still being paid millions when they are not producing any electricity – how cost effective is this Mr Jessop - what value then for a reliable, conventional power station to keep the lights on and the house warm on a bitterly cold winters evening!

The big mystery relating to certain renewables though, is why ‘green warriors’ and the Welsh Assembly are not fighting tooth and nail for the Swansea Tidal Lagoon Project – this project would supply dependable clean electricity, create jobs and become a tourist attraction in the same vein as Dinorwig (Electric Mountain) in North Wales - greatly improving the local economy.

It has now become fashionable to blame almost anything on climate change such as diminishing fish stocks - whilst the sin of overfishing now seems to take second place.

Remember millions of Grand Banks cod were not depleted by climate change, but by the hand of man.

Closer to home the North Sea cod suffered the same fate, and around our coasts fish such as mackerel have been grossly overfished.

On land it was not climate change that almost destroyed the North American Bison, but Homo sapiens - no doubt dear reader you can think of many, many more such examples.

Regarding atmospheric pollution it is very important to realise that if the whole of the UK disappeared from the planet over-night, then 98 per cent of planetary emissions will still need to be addressed – so a sense of proportion and indeed some common sense is vital.