EARLY on Friday morning, June 14, Reg Davies of Newport got dressed and went for a walk, and appears to have fallen from the coastal path.

On discovering him missing we called the police who responded immediately and set up a huge search with the help of the Coast Guards, RNLI, dog handlers and helicopter search.

Pembrokeshire National Park sent rangers to search as well. As word spread in Newport and the surrounding area, there was an amazing response from the communities who set up search parties all over the area.

We, the family, have been so moved by the dedication and kindness of the police and other emergency services, and also the incredible support from the Newport and area communities. We can’t thank everyone individually and we don’t know all the people involved, but we would like to express our deep gratitude to everyone for the way they rallied to try and find Reg and have also given us support.

Reg would be proud of the community he came from and the love for him this reflected.

Thank you.


HAZEL AND RICHARD JAMES (sister and brother-in-law),

and DOUG AND MAGGIE DAVIES (brother and sister-in-law)