A TEENAGER assaulted another teen at a care home following a disagreement over pot noodles and the internet, a court heard.

The youth, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted the February 17 assault when he appeared before Haverfordwest magistrate’s youth court on Friday, July 5.

Prosecuting, Linda Baker said the defendant was cooking pot noodles at the home’s kitchen and planned to take them upstairs to his room, which was against the house rules.

Staff stressed that going against the ruling would lead to the internet being turned off for all residents, which led to another teen telling the defendant how unfair this would be, leading to him being punched in the face.

Defending, Jonathan Webb said his client had punched the other boy as he was “mouthing off,” adding: “This is a spat between two teenage boys, not a serious matter.”

He said his client had since moved from the county.

The teen was placed on a six-month referral order, with costs of £85 and a court charge of £20.