I AM indebted to Mr Jessop of Marloes (Western Telegraph letters) for his interest in my advocacy of hydro power, and for the details of the enquiry by the Environment Agency into potential sites for installations.

However, I question the validity of any figures offered of Megawattage of either wind or solar sources, simply because of the total unreliability of the power sources.

I think it would not be untrue to say that they offer at the best an efficiency rating of 30 per cent.

Overall, and I wonder if that is the basis on which the projected figures are issued. These are my thoughts when an announcement is made of a newly-installed wind farm that it will supply power to so many households.

However, as I said in my previous letter, rivers just go on running, and any irregularity in flow can be coped with by a dam. Also, the same water can be used repeatedly as it goes downstream. I did not mention that at present any use of flowing water for power generation attracts water rates. I do not hear of ‘wind rates’ or ‘sun rates’ being charged.

In any case, a positive move to control rivers would not only help with the power crisis, in view of the government advocacy of electric transport, but also prevent flooding, which is likely to be a problem with Climate Change.