AN £8.5m first for the UK was opened at Bluestone National Park Resort on Friday, the ground-breaking new Serendome.

The remarkable ‘giant umbrella’ dome is the first of its kind in the UK and will generate dozens of jobs and is expected to inject millions into the local economy.

The groundbreaking Serendome, named after the Welsh for star, will – literally - bring the outdoors indoors under its 22m high and 252ft umbrella-like dome at the Pembrokeshire resort.

An estimated £21 million is expected to boost the local economy over 10 years as a result of the project, which has created 55 jobs – with £8.5 million invested into building it.

The build, which started in March 2018, has involved an array of contractors overseen by the Bluestone Projects team.

The 7,000sqm area beneath the dome will become a new playground for Free Range Fun for Bluestone’s guests – including the breathtaking SkyWalk adventure course.

Bluestone CEO William McNamara said: “Serendome is a huge investment for us and underlines our commitment to Pembrokeshire and Welsh tourism and will be another exciting draw for the thousands of visitors who stay with us and experience Pembrokeshire every year.”

Serendome will be a hub for entertainment, and at its heart is a 400-seat Amphitheatre, a new live music and performance venue in a unique setting.

A dazzling series of spectacular shows involving nationally recognised production companies are being meticulously planned for the Amphitheatre – with the first set to take place this November.

Those who want to stay in the know can sign-up to be first to hear about the shows at

Exciting new activities for guests include the impressive SkyWalk - a vertical adventure course like no other, including a Mini SkyWalk for young children, and a wheelchair friendly course. There will also be a series of Free Play areas too, designed to spark the imagination of children and adults alike.

Mr McNamara added: “The opening of Serendome is a culmination of many years of hard work by our passionate staff working in partnership with excellent design and construction companies where they created a space like no other in the UK.

“To see children and families finally enjoying its unique attractions is a joy. Our guests can enjoy the fresh air, sit on the grass and play under the trees, whatever the weather.”