A MILFORD Haven county councillor has hit out at the continued “mindless vandalism” in the area, following a dog refuse bin being burnt to a cinder.

Police are appealing for information after the bin was set alight on the Liddeston Valley footpath.

It is believed the fire was started on Sunday, July 21.

Posting on Facebook, Hubberston councillor Vivien Stoddart said: “The dog poo bin at Hubberston's Havens Head-Silverstream footpath vandalised on Sunday. One of a litany of destruction of community facilities (Persimmon play park; Hubberston Community Association's play ground; St David's Church; the now-closed Gellisiwick Toilets) mainly paid for by you, either by your taxes, or your lottery money.

“The vandals must be known to people. Report them to the police.”

Cllr Stoddart later added: “The mindless destruction of what are facilities for the whole community is so disheartening.

“Volunteers, in tandem with the county council and other agencies, are working so hard to improve the quality of life for us all in Hubberston and Hakin.

“And what we don't know is how many worthy projects don't get off the drawing board because disillusioned volunteers feel their efforts will be vandalised.”

Posting on Twitter, Milford Haven Police wrote: “We are investigating an incident where a bin was set alight along Liddeston Valley during the weekend. If you were walking along this path and saw anything suspicious, please get in touch.”

Milford Haven police may be contacted on the non-emergency 101 number.