CONCERNS have been raised at the disappearance of a memorial plaque to crewmen lost when an American bomber crashed at Denant, near Tiers Cross in the Second World War.

Contacting the Western Telegraph, John Alun Griffith Jones said: “I have been informed by friends, who recently visited the site, that the memorial plaque consecrated and unveiled in January 1994 to the memory of members of the crew of the B24 American Bomber killed at the scene has been removed.

“I cannot understand the mentality of any person indulging in such an action…but then I have to acknowledge the strange world in which we live.

“Would they perhaps make some amends by returning the plaque, perhaps to your office so that it can be restored its rightful place?”

The plaque, erected in 1994 by the men and women of the US Naval Facility Brawdy and RAF Brawdy as a token of their appreciation of the people of Pembrokeshire, bears the names of the crew members of the B24 Liberator bomber lost in a crash-landing on January 3, 1943.

The Bat Outa Hell bomber crashed after returning from a daylight bombing raid on the U-boat pens at St Nazaire, France.

Local county councillor Ken Rowlands said he was shocked to hear the plaque had gone, when contacted through social media.

“I knew nothing about it to be honest. Johnston hadn’t made any arrangements to move it.

“It’s very sad people can go to these measures, it is sad that people can go to these lengths when it has meant so much to so many people.”