The family of missing golfer James Nutley will return to Tenby this morning, on the three year anniversary of his disappearance.

James, now aged 28, vanished in 2004 after arriving at the resort with friends on a golfing holiday. He arrived at his hotel at around 5pm on October 24th and then visited three pubs in the town: the Lifeboat Inn; the Three Mariners and the Prince of Wales.

CCTV footage released last year showed James at 11.57 that night walking close to the Giltar Hotel where he was staying.

Three days after he disappeared Mr Nutley's possessions, including his wallet and driving licence were found on South Beach, directly below the Esplanade Hotel.

Despite extensive searches and a milk carton campaign Mr Nutley has never been found. He is described as being 6' 2" tall with brown hair.

Speaking this time last year his family described the gap left in their lives.

"Being a large family we always get together," said his mother Catherine. "James and Helen (his sister) were always with the younger set. Now there is always someone missing. It's just not the same.

"We are grateful for any information. James has got his own website ..There are not a lot of people who know it's missing. The more people who know he's missing, well then you've got a bit of a chance."

Log on later today to watch a video of the Nutley family's appeal.