DAVE Haskell (Western Telegraph letters, July 31) thinks he ridicules Friends of The Earth Pembrokeshire by comparing them to Dad’s Army.

I say this: Dad’s Army were on the right side.

Dad’s Army, the Home Guard, were volunteers, not professionals - just like Friends of The Earth members.

The Home Guard (just think about what those two words mean) were determined to do their best for their country with whatever resources they had - just like Friends 0f The Earth members.

Furthermore, everyone in the Home Guard understood the threat that faced not just Britain, but the world, in 1940 - just as Friends of The Earth members understand the threat facing everyone now, and are determined to do what they can about it.

Furthermore Dave Haskell, who has previously claimed to be infallible, is wrong to refer to ‘the climate change debate’: the debate is over.

A Climate Emergency has been declared at international, national, and county levels; on the day Haskell’s letter was published there was unprecedented flooding damage in the North-West, the North-East, and Scotland – and the Met Office released its report on extreme weather trends.

Presumably those volunteers of 1940 were often ridiculed by Lord Haw-Haw, he of the false reports and cynical criticism; is history repeating itself?