A LUCKY dog was rescued after a cliff fall near St Davids yesterday afternoon, August 6.

Both St Davids Coastguard Rescue Team and St Davids Lifeboat RNLI were involved in the rescue of the unfortunate pooch.

Basil the spaniel was shaken and bruised, but otherwise unhurt by the ordeal.

Posting on Facebook yesterday, St Davids Coastguard Rescue Team wrote: “Team paged at 12:18pm to reports of a dog over a cliff at Caerfai.

“The dog was on a ledge and had luckily survived the fall. With rope access from the top looking problematic St Davids Lifeboat RNLI was requested to launch.

“The dog was rescued by the lifeboat team and reunited with the owners at the lifeboat station.

Thanks to everyone for their assistance.”

St Davids Lifeboat RNLI wrote: “Today, August 6, at 12.57pm, St Davids all-weather lifeboat Norah Wortley launched to a dog fallen over the cliffs and was stranded on rocks near Caerfai Beach.

“On arrival, the crew launched the Y-Boat with two crew to collect the dog, who was shaken and bruised but well.

“It was then transferred to the all-weather lifeboat and returned to its owners at the St Davids Lifeboat Station.”