International pop star and proud Solva man, David Gray, returned to his native Pembrokeshire last week to wind down after a “relentless” tour which included dates in the UK , Australia, mainland Europe, Canada and America.

The singer songwriter is taking some time out after his Gold in a Brass Age tour, which promotes his recently released album of the same name, and chose what he calls “the most beautiful place on earth” to recharge his batteries and revisit old haunts.

Last week he visited his old schools in Solva and St Davids, now all part of Ysgol Penryn Dewi.

Headteacher, David Haynes, tweeted:

“What a privilege to welcome David Gray to Penryn Dewi today to visit his old schools,”.

He posted pictures of the star looking round the Non and Aiden campuses and meeting locals and teachers.

Meanwhile the star posted a selfie against the stunning Pembrokeshire coastline and a pretty pic of Solva Harbour, tweeting:

“Greetings from Sunny Solva. Back home in West Wales and visiting some of my old haunts. If there’s a more beautiful place on planet Earth, I’m yet to find it.”

The Babylon and Sail Away singer told fans in a post tour announcement: “The tour was pretty relentless. I’ve had a bit of a holiday, a bit of family time. A tour is a bit like sensory depravation; you don’t get to get outside much and do much.

“I’ll be powering down the frequency of my social media onslaught over the summer as I just chill out a bit and take a bit of me time, bear with me, more news to follow.”