A MULTI AGENCY review is to be held after Pembrokeshire County Council removed a baby brain damaged by a babysitter from her family. 

The family of injured five-month-old, Bayleigh-Lee Taylor, were separated from her for ten months while a police investigation was carried out.

However, a court heard that police had never suspected the couple and a former friend of the family was last week jailed for ten years for causing the injuries by shaking.

Now nearly four,  Bayleigh-Lee is blind in the left eye and has very limited vision in the other.

She also has epilepsy, walking difficulties and plenty of other health issues.

Stephen Carl Smith, 28, of Hywel Road, Haverfordwest was jailed for causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

He had agreed to babysit on August 18, 2016, while the baby's father Luke Taylor and his partner, Bayleigh-Lee's mother, Sophie Reed went night fishing.

When they returned, Bayleigh-Lee let out a "piercing scream" and was limp and lifeless.

She was taken to University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff where doctors found a bleed on the brain.

Speaking after the case last week, Miss Reed and Mr Taylor said the situation had added to the trauma.

Miss Reed said: "I was not allowed to be with her when she needed me. We had to go to family court hearings and listen to the accusations against us."

A council spokesman said: "At the time of this distressing incident, safeguarding processes were instigated by Pembrokeshire County Council and the matter was subject to criminal investigation and proceedings.

"Now that court proceedings have concluded, we can instigate a multi-agency practice forum in line with our safeguarding arrangements. This will consider the circumstances in this case and reflect on any lessons that can be learnt to ensure all actions taken at the time were in the best interests of Bayleigh-Lee and her family."

Cabinet member for social services Tessa Hodgson added: “This is an extremely tragic and sad incident and our thoughts are with Bayleigh-Lee and her family. I welcome the multi-agency review of the case and will await that report and any recommendations that come from it.”