A new video has been launched on Pembrokeshire County Council’s social media and website about the waste and recycling arrangements being introduced this autumn.

Some 61,000 households in Pembrokeshire will receive new recycling containers in September and October, ready for the start of the kerbside collection scheme on November 4th.

The video explains all about what items can be recycled and which container to put them in. It also explains how to dispose of items which cannot be recycled.

It can be viewed on Facebook and Twitter and on the Council’s website at: www.pembrokeshire.gov.uk/kerbside-collection

Cllr Cris Tomos, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said the new scheme will enable an estimated 75 per cent of all household waste to be recycled.

“Recycling will be collected from people’s homes weekly,” he said.

“The food bins and glass boxes will stay the same, while plastic, metal and food cartons – including Tetrapaks - go in a red bag, paper goes in a blue box and cardboard goes in a reusable blue bag.

“The bags are weighted to stop them blowing away after being emptied.”

Cllr Tomos added that grey bags will be provided by the Council for non-recyclable waste.

“The grey bags will be collected every three weeks, with a restriction of three bags per household per collection,” he said. “Larger families will be able to apply for more bags.”

Fortnightly collections will be available for AHP (absorbent hygiene products), i.e nappies and incontinence waste products.

Registration for these collections has opened and can be found at www.pembrokeshire.gov.uk/absorbent-hygiene-products

A guide with full details on the new kerbside collection scheme is available to read on the Council’s website at www.pembrokeshire.gov.uk/kerbside-collection

Leaflets with the same information will also be delivered to households in the autumn along with their new boxes and bags.