I USE the Coastal Cruiser, Pembroke-Angle-Bosherston, on a regular basis, mainly because it is such a worthwhile asset to our county.

It is used by a variety of people including walkers, climbers, swimmers, tourists, residents, elderly and disabled folk, shoppers, and people who need to attend various administrative depts in the towns, including the doctor.

It is also a means of relaxation and stress relief, a very important factor.

The proposed reduction of buses, to provide a Saturday service only, would only prevent access to the doctor and dentist and administrative departments for local non-drivers living in the villages, and give them little choice regarding shopping day.

The proposed date for the decline of the service is September 8.

This means that the service will be considerably less frequent for people on holiday in September, and many people do have September holidays.

The majority of people using the service are adult non-drivers, so school dates should not be relevant to any decisions made.

It is absolutely wicked to consider cutting down the Coastal Cruiser service, it is one of the best services ever provided in Pembrokeshire, and it is a service that is catering not only for Pembrokeshire residents but also for worldwide visitors.

The service itself cannot be faulted: The buses are generally punctual, beautifully clean and tidy with comfortable seating and good viewing aspects.

The drivers are polite and friendly, going out of their way to help in any way they can. The drivers also have a very good knowledge of the route, taking in historical and environmental aspects, which gives them the ability to answer the many questions put to them. They do this in a happy friendly way, and if required could give a guided tour.

I do hope that this drastic reduction in service can be reviewed. The invaluable service provided is second-to-none and would be the admiration of any tourist board. You have initiated something really good here, think of ways to improve and expand rather than destroy.

Please keep our Coastal Cruiser running and providing an adequate service.