IT is a disgrace closing public toilets and then talking about spending £2m on broadband connections (Western Telegraph, August 7).

Why were public toilets build years ago??

We hear so much about Health and Safety, surely public toilets came about years ago for Health and Safety to prevent people relieving themselves in any available place they could find when travelling away from home, i.e alleyways, people’s gardens, etc.

It is not fair to say shops should make their toilets available for the general public; butchers, bakers, grocers and other small shops don’t want people perhaps having to traipse through their storerooms to reach toilets and then coming out again (maybe without washing their hands) and touching all the doorknobs on the way out.

I should think that would be a concern of Health and Safety.

Also, some public toilets are situated where there are no nearby shops, on beaches, car parks etc.

I ask: Would the councillors open their own toilets in their homes to the general public?

After all, they are supposed to ‘serve the public’.

Bring back public toilets.