A ROUGH sleeper who pitched his tent outside county hall yesterday (August 20) is being given until Friday to move on.

The occupant of tent was not willing to be identified or photographed and said he had been living outdoors in areas around Haverfordwest in recent days.

He said he had moved to county hall because it was sheltered and near to Pembrokeshire County Council, where someone might be able to help him find accomodation.

Yesterday afternoon, a spokesman for PCC said the council had served the man with a notice meaning he had to leave the area by Friday morning.

The spokesman said: "The person concerned has just been served with a notice to quit which means he has until 9am on Friday morning to comply.

"He has failed to engage in meaningful discussion with the authority’s housing and social care officers even though he has been offered a place in a hostel which he declined.

"We therefore have no alternative other than to serve the notice."

A friend of the rough sleeper, who did not wish to be identified, said that the accommodation which had been offered was not suitable for his needs, as he was a vulnerable person.