A JEALOUS Saundersfoot man who assaults or harasses his partners has been jailed for his latest attack.

Lawrence Goldsworthy, aged 29, burst into a bedroom and told Sian Bachelor he would "have to strangle it out of you" before placing his hands around her throat and squeezing.

Goldsworthy, of Incline Way, admitted assault by beating at Swansea crown court today, August 22.

He was jailed for 18 weeks but Judge Paul Thomas added an additional eight weeks because Goldsworthy had breached a suspended sentence for previous offending.

John Hipkin, prosecuting, told Swansea crown court that Goldsworthy had been in a relationship with Miss Bachelor since January.

On May 14 she stayed overnight with a female friend, but Goldsworthy "became convinced" she was cheating on him with another man.

He went to the address at 4am and found she was alone and tried to wake her by shouting, spitting at her and then throwing a glass of water over her.

Goldsworthy then took hold of her throat and stopped only when she began to gasp for breath.

"It was a frightening experience," said Mr Hipkin.

He said Goldsworthy had been dealt with before for both assaulting and harassing his partners.

Goldsworthy's barrister, Ian Wright, said the relationship was now over.

Judge Thomas said Goldsworthy suffered from a pathetic, immature jealousy that would keep on landing him in trouble until he learned how to control it.

"You need to grow up a bit or you will be back before the court," he added.

Judge Thomas issued a three-year restraining order preventing Goldsworthy from contacting Miss Bachelor.