I LIVE in the local area, and as a Save the Children supporter, I'd like to show our MP that constituents care about protecting children in conflict.

Around the world, millions of children are battling through conflicts started by adults. From Syria to Somalia, Yemen to Myanmar, twice as many children grow up in conflict than did 30 years ago.

This issue deeply concerns me.

The below open letter was written by a fearless 14-year-old child called Nabila, who has lived in the Za'atari refugee camp for five years after fleeing Syria in 2013. She wants the world to know that it's time to make children off limits in war.

Please will you publish Nabila's open letter, below, to encourage our MP to help create a plan to protect children in war?

“My name is Nabila, I’m 14 years old and I’m from Syria. I’ve been living in Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan for five years. I am courageous, and I want to make my dreams come true.

“Life in Syria was scary. Before the crisis, we didn’t live in fear. We used to go out and stay out late. When the war started, we had to hide and stay at home.

“Children who have lived in war zones struggle a lot. Children who are exposed to violence usually give up on their dreams.

“I have to be self-confident and to keep trying even If I might face some problems. I shouldn’t give up. Whenever I start something, I must finish it. If I ever knock on someone’s door I have to keep trying even if they shut the door the first time.

“I wish for all children – whether Syrian or not – to have a place to stay and to have access to education because it is indispensable. I hope all children will reach their goals. I’d like to become a doctor to help wounded people. I also wanted to become a lawyer to defend justice.

“If leaders saw what my friends and I were doing to raise awareness, they would be positively influenced. Not only do children learn from adults. Adults also learn from children.

“I’m not scared because I’m self-confident. When something bad happens, I take action and keep going, I fix things and try to make them right.

“When we see something wrong, we have to stop it.”

Please publish Nabila's letter in your newspaper so that together, we can help persuade our MP to take action to change the world for children.

If you have any questions about this campaign, you can contact Save the Children UK at campaigns@savethechildren.org.uk


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