Tending to a dog’s night-time call of nature caused a Pembroke Dock man to breach his curfew order.

Christopher David Weilding, of The Green, Pembroke Dock, accepted breaching the requirements of a community order when he appeared at Haverfordwest magistrates court on Monday, August 19.

Julie Norman of the probation service told the court that Weilding, 33, had been sentenced to an 18-month community order by Llanelli magistrates on May 3.

The order included a 20-day rehabilitation activity, alcohol treatment requirement, and a four month curfew 7pm to 7am which was due to end on September 2.

Weiling admitted failing to comply with his curfew conditions, and the court heard that it was his first breach of the order.

Mike Kelleher, defending, said Weilding had explained to the person fitting the tag that his dog would need to be taken out during the curfew time, and was told arrangements would be made for him to be able to go out to the garden.

“He explained it was going to be difficult for the dog to stay from 7pm to 7am without going out for his ablutions in the night.

“He has taken the dog out for a wee and gone back in.”

“These breaches are not deliberate, he is not flouting the order.”

The court heard that there had been issues with answering the curfew monitor, as Weilding was not aware that a button needed to be pressed in order to speak.

Magistrates imposed an extra five day rehabilitation activity requirement and ordered Weilding to pay £120 in a fine, costs and surcharge.