A PEMBROKE Dock man, who had previously threatened to end his life, killed himself in the shower before collapsing in a nearby room, an inquest heard last Thursday, August 29.

Tomasz Kamrowski, aged 37, was found at his Gordon Street home on January 7 of this year.

At the inquest held at County Hall, Coroners Officer for Dyfed-Powys Police Jeremy Davies said Poland-born Mr Kamrowski lived alone after recently separating from his wife Mrs Kamrowska with who he had a daughter.

The couple had move to Pembrokeshire in 2007, Mr Kamrowski, working in engineering.

He was described as generally fit and healthy, but had had threatened to end his life on many occasions in a variety of ways.

The couple had parted in 2018, but spent Christmas and the New Year together.

On January 5, the couple and daughter had met for dinner; Mrs Kamrowska leaving after a heated discussion during which Mr Kamrowski threatened to end his life.

On January 7, concerned work colleagues of Mr Kamrowski contacted police.

Police attended Mr Kamrowski’s home, finding him face-down on the kitchen floor.

Mr Kamrowski had passed away; blood stains were found on the carpet, the bed, and the shower, where a knife was found.

Paramedics formally declared Mr Kamrowski had passed away at 12.48pm that day.

A post-mortem report by Dr John Murphy said that, although Mr Kamrowski was found in the living room area it was believed he may have taken his life in the shower, later collapsing in the front room.

It was believed the blood lost in the shower would have been washed away, the inquest heard.

The cause of death was given as probable hypertensive collapse after suffering blood loss from a laceration to his left arm.

Reaching a conclusion of suicide, HM Coroner for Pembrokeshire Mark Layton said: “Mr Tomasz Kamrowski was struggling with some personal difficulties and I conclude that he has taken deliberate steps to end his life.”