ON Bank Holiday Saturday, August 24, a young man from Saundersfoot (Hello, Tom!) stopped his mini outside my cottage to ask me: “How do I get home? I can't get through that way down the hill (road to Wiseman's Bridge from Summerhill) and I can't get through that way (through Pleasant Valley)!”

Yet again, Wiseman's Bridge was over-subscribed, full to the brim, chock-a-block, totally gridlocked!

Levity aside, this is, potentially, an extremely dangerous situation. Should an emergency occur needing calling upon the emergency services how would they cope with - never mind overcome - such horrendous traffic?

Indeed, lives are being put at risk by this oversubscribed influx of traffic.

Our narrow lanes (needing daily care now regarding navigation) cannot sustain this overflow and, should a fire occur, the 'domino effect' would be horrific.

Whereas we were once intrigued to see the occasional tractor and delighted to see the occasional horse, we are now absolutely besieged by traffic and delivery vehicles speeding past our cottage, using Sat-nav and a single track lane as a shortcut to Wiseman's Bridge, etc.

Myself, and other residents, are having to be increasingly nimble as we spend a considerable amount of time having to dodge less than considerate drivers who fail to take into account that people, prams, dogs, cyclists and horses also use our lanes.

It is a delight to welcome visitors to Pembrokeshire from all over the world, but we need to scrutinise the quality of holiday experience we are offering them because of the enormous influx of traffic and the misery that causes to residents and visitors alike.

There is simply no place for further development which would irrefutably add to our considerable logistic woes: we are FULL!

Carol John,