THE owner of Duggie the wandering doggy has thanked the hundreds of people from Pembrokeshire and the Facebook community who supported the four-day hunt for her missing pet.

With 10-year-old Duggie now safely home after his bid for freedom was eventually foiled by a bramble bush, Sarah Parker of Saundersfoot said: “I just can’t believe the amount of people who wanted to help. It was absolutely amazing and so heartwarming.

A huge search party network was formed last week, mainly as a result of Sarah’s frantic posts on Facebook.

The social media network 'exploded' as people shared messages, offered advice and assistance and sent good wishes for the safe return of rescue dog Duggie, said former teacher Sarah, 39.

“People were searching in the middle of the night, on foot and in their cars, as well as all day – just everybody seemed to be joining in,” she said. “They were all absolutely wonderful.”

Together with her parents, Peter and Sue, and brother James, Sarah spent four nightmare days searching for Duggie, who escaped from their home at The Glen, Saundersfoot.

“I had Duggie two years ago from the Many Tears rescue centre – he’s a Eurasier and was previously kept as a breeding dog where he had been neglected,” she explained. “He’s gentle and lovely, but he can be nervous when confronted, and we always keep him on a lead when he’s out.”

Duggie’s journey began when he sprinted down Saundersfoot’s St Bride’s Hill – commendably keeping to the pavement. Then he followed a familiar walk route across the decking in the village harbour and across the Glen Beach into Swallowtree Woods.

Sightings of him followed at nearby Trevayne Farm; snoozing in the sun at Stepaside Heritage Park and trotting through a stream in Sardis Woods, but every time his searchers reached the location, he had moved on.

“By Friday I was absolutely exhausted and I’d more or less given up hope,” said Sarah. “I’d been up all night, and was actually asleep when the phone rang with another sighting.”

This was from Liz Lewis at Hean Castle Farm, Sardis. She had spotted Duggie asleep – again – by hay bales.

“He saw her and tried to run away, but he got caught in some brambles,” said Sarah. “And that’s where he still was when my dad and brother went to pick him up.

“Duggie was so excited to see them, and he’s been fine since he’s been home – eating a whole roast chicken and playing with his toys. He probably thought the whole thing was fun at the time.”

And there could now be a sequel to Duggie’s tale – in book form.

Sarah, who taught for 16 years at Saundersfoot CP School, is about to start a Masters degree in illustration.

“It’s always been my ultimate aim to illustrate a children’s book, so maybe Duggie could be the star of the story,” she smiled.