A WOMAN gave birth to a beautiful baby girl after being rushed to hospital when her and her husband’s car broke down on a busy road.

Jen Harling, 36, was on the way to Glangwili Hospital from her home in Pembroke Dock on Friday, August 23, with her husband Phil, when they began to have car trouble.

When they broke down on the A477, they explained to two officers in a nearby Dyfed-Powys Police traffic car that they were in need of help, and so the police rushed Jen to Glangwili while Phil followed behind in the family car.

“I would like to say a very big thank you to the two police officers who kindly offered to give me a lift to the hospital. They didn't have to, but it was very much appreciated,” said Jen.

The couple were driving to Glangwili for a planned caesarean section appointment on the morning of August 23, but their car’s engine began to stop and start.

“It has been doing it for a while, but is only does it when we need it!” said Jen.

The Harlings made it to Red Roses and noticed a police traffic car on the side of the road.

Western Telegraph:

Jen Harling and her baby daughter Ella. PICTURE: Martin Cavaney.

Phil managed to stop near to the police car and explained their predicament to the two officers.

They offered to help by following the couple along the busy A477 road out of south Pembrokeshire.

“We didn’t get very far and the car cut out again. So they offered to take us to the hospital,” said Jen.

She and Phil agreed he should stay with their car and follow behind the police so they had a way to get home after the birth of their baby girl, Ella.

“I have never been in a police car before,” said Jen. “It got even weirder: we arrived there on time and they escorted me down to my appointment!”

She added: “It was completely packed full of people. I was a bit embarrassed to be escorted by the police, but they were really nice."

Western Telegraph:

The A477 near Red Roses. PICTURE: Google Maps.

Jen was grateful for the officers’ help as she and Phil had arranged for childcare for their five-year-old son Harry, and it meant their appointment would not need to be rescheduled.

Jen’s daughter Ella was born later that day at seven pounds and nine ounces.

One of the police officers who helped Jen said it was a very unusual encounter for him and his colleague.

“Thankfully it hasn't happened before!” said the officer.

“I guess it boils down to human nature and the more thoughtful way of policing, essentially you just want to do your best for someone and this really was a case of being able to go home knowing that you'd done everything you could.”