THE banks of the Western Cleddau running through Haverfordwest could become a lot greener if a new project is approved by planners.

Plans for a green wall of grasses, herbs and ferns have been submitted to Pembrokeshire County Council’s planning office, which will sit on the side of the river opposite the new library and gallery.

The green wall is part of a wider project taking place in Haverfordwest called Cleddau Reaches, under which is improving existing footpaths around the banks of the river as it runs through town and is linking them together.

“This project is about keeping visitors in Haverfordwest for longer and realising what we have got here. At the same time is it about promoting sustainability and wellbeing among residents of the town,” said Sara Morris, a Pembrokeshire County Council officer who has been working on the Cleddau Reaches project.

Though the green wall still needs to pass through PCC’s planning office, it is hoped that it will and could be installed by the end of October.

Once the initial structure is in place, seeds will be planted in it, which are estimated to take 18 months to grow into full-sized plants.

All the plants are all hardy native species designed to encourage pollinators, and include ferns, wildflowers, and herbs.

The structure will also include a bench, allowing people walking along the river to sit among the plants.

The Cleddau Reaches project is being described as a partnership project.

While PCC is leading the building and design of it, a total of £250,000 funding is coming from Natural Resources Wales, Welsh Government, Haverfordwest Town Council and other sources towards the project.

To the north of Haverfordwest, pathways along either bank of the Western Cleddau are currently being completed.

A footbridge is also set to be built to connect these two paths together in the near future.

Other work taking part for the Cleddau Reaches projects includes encouraging biodiversity on the river by promoting the habitats of otters, sand martins, and other animals.