WHAT CAN I do about climate change? This is the question Transition Bro Gwaun (TBG) has been addressing over the summer by working in partnership with other organisations and contributing to community events.

TBG had a marquee at the Ocean Guardians Day at the Ocean Lab where volunteers put on a piece of interactive theatre on the climate crisis, facilitated by Gill Dowsett.

Sian Vaughan of Extinction Rebellion also gave an informative talk about her own experience of what she is doing to raise awareness about the climate emergency.

This was followed by a performance of environmental and climate crisis songs by the Fishguard Folk group at the barbecue on Lowertown Quay that evening

During the Bank Holiday weekend, the Outcast Theatre group performed a play in a week, which gave voice to young people's views on climate change.

For the Aberjazz parade, the first of its kind, Transition Bro Gwaun encouraged people to dress up as animals, birds and sea creatures, highlighting the need to save our planet and protect all life on earth.

The summer of engagement ended with an evening event with storytelling, comedy and music - all supporting the theme What can I do? at the Glasfryn Escape's Sunset BBQ, at the campsite next to Fishguard Garden Centre.

"We engaged a wide cross section of local people at these events," said Jasmine Dale, who has been evaluating the events for TBG

"Over 75% of those who responded said they had been inspired to take action about climate change.

"The Theatre Forum event and the Outcast Youth Theatre were events which particularly involved children, who seemed much more knowledgeable and empowered to do something about the climate emergency.'

'People felt it was a good idea to use a wide range of arts and media to engage people in a conversation about the climate emergency; the arts seem to get through to people's hearts and minds in a much more effective way that just presenting dry facts."

TBG will be holding a Renew Regional conference at Fishguard's Gateway Hub on November 27 to share the findings of Jasmine's evaluation and to showcase some of the summer performances with other community organisations from across Wales.