LAST Wednesday, September 18, my husband and I travelled on the 08.40 Puffin Shuttle from St Davids to St Brides, and then in the afternoon back from Broad Haven to St Davids.

We can't speak highly enough of our driver, whose name we unfortunately didn't get.

She drove with great skill and good humour in both directions and engaged in a friendly way with all her passengers, but it has to be said the journey out was the most challenging, with the road down into Little Haven blocked by an Open Reach lorry/cherry picker and the lane through Talbenny blocked by a parked lorry in one direction and an articulated lorry coming from the opposite direction, with queues of cars behind the bus and the artic.

My husband and I live locally and are used to the quirks of Pembrokeshire, but I am sure the visiting holidaymakers, our fellow passengers, will have gone back to their respective homes with wonderful memories of Pembrokeshire, thanks to your driver.

We had a great walk on the coastal path, but our best memory of the day was the bus journey.

The Puffin Shuttle, by Jackie Williamson.

Today we walked the coastal path, St Brides to Little Haven.

On the way we saw two kites, a buzzard and a raven.

The path was rather narrow, but it wasn’t all that rough.

There were oyster catchers on the rocks – we didn’t see a chough.

Seal pups were still pale boulders, in the rock-strewn coves below.

And herring gulls formed floating flocks, adrift on liquid floe.

The sea was blue and crystal clear, four tankers were offshore,

And we felt the warm sun on our backs; we couldn’t ask for more.

Surprisingly the highlight of a great day out for us,

Was a memorable journey on the Puffin Shuttle bus!

A cherry picker blocked the lane, an artic and a lorry!

Our driver said she loved it all, and told us not to worry.

She sent us off to get a drink and then to have a wee

And then she picked us up again – she found us by the quay.

‘This wouldn’t happen where we live,’ said one man to his wife.

But here in quirky Pembrokeshire it’s just our way of life.