A SHOCK double elimination in last night’s Great British Bake Off saw Tenby’s Michelle Evans-Fecci leaving the famous tent.

Viewers and fans of the 36-year-old Tenby mum were outraged at the judges’ decision to axe not only her, but fellow baker Helena, who had earlier won the Technical challenge in Roaring Twenties Week.

Michelle – Star Baker in the first week of the contest – said afterwards that appearing in the nation’s favourite culinary show was ‘one of the best experiences of my life’.

She said: "I got halfway through, I never imagined that. I never set myself a goal of how far I could get, so halfway was amazing. I was just so happy to get into the tent.

“I have loved it, it’s been fun… it’s been emotional. I have enjoyed it and I have made some very good friends, friends for life, yes.”

“I hope I have made Wales proud of me, I tried to fly the flag for Wales this year, and I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. I gave my all and I really tried in all of my bakes to introduce a little bit of Wales into the tent.

“I have had such a great reaction everywhere I go and they shout my name so I know that they have all been rooting for me. The support in Wales has been totally amazing and every feedback is positive.

In her five weeks in Bake Off, Michelle has won thousands of followers with a series of imaginative bakes, including a biscuit Welsh dragon, and the use of local produce, including Pembrokeshire seaweed, eggs from her own hens and flowers from her garden.

She added: ‘My overall best bit was actually getting into the tent as I have wanted it for such a long time, and making lifelong friends with the other bakers. My worst bit was leaving when I did, because I felt I had so much more to give.”

So what’s next on the menu for Michelle? She said: ‘My only aim was to get in the tent. I never really thought about what could come from it. I have never expected to get anything more in the baking world, but I am open to anything that may come up. I don’t really have anything in mind.”