THE LUCKY winners of Pembrokeshire Lottery's £8,000 autumn super draw were Mr and Mrs Harries from Hayscastle with lottery number 17039.

The draw was aired on 102.5 Radio Pembrokeshire and Pure West Radio. Shortly afterwards, the Pembrokeshire Lottery team called Mr and Mrs Harries to inform them of their win and make arrangements to deliver the prize cheque.

When asked what she would do with her lucky win, Mrs Harries told the Pembrokeshire Lottery that there will be treats in store for their grandchildren, with the remainder going towards a new car.

The normal Pembrokeshire Lottery £2,000 weekly draws continue. There will also be £4,000 super draws in October and November, leading up to the highlight of the Pembrokeshire Lottery's year; the £10,000 Christmas super draw.

For more information or to join up to play, please ring Pembrokeshire Lottery on 01646 690800.