AT 6.40pm GMT on September 16 the demand on the National Grid was 36.58GW, of which wind contributed only 4.52 GW (high pressure system over the UK and little wind) with solar, not surprisingly contributing zero energy.

Therefore, perhaps our Green friends can kindly explain to readers where our power will be coming from under a similar situation when their beloved wind and solar farms dominate the countryside?

Hopefully some good will arise from the ‘Black Friday’, August 8, electricity outage and concentrate minds to the dire state of the National Grid system.

The complete idiocy of our current Grid system can be traced back to Ed Miliband and his EU-driven Climate Change Act in 2008 – committing Britain to cutting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 80 per cent within 35 years.

Unfortunately for us all successive Governments have pursued this ridiculous target and recent estimates made by the EU and the International Agency suggest the cost could reach an eye-watering £1.3 trillion.

The UK blackouts on Friday, August 8, should be a timely warning of what is awaiting us if we do not take the necessary action - a 21st century National Grid system should be of such design and structure to offer a high degree of security – it should have sophisticated, secure fail-safe computer control and monitoring, plus a sufficient margin of backup generation to cover all circumstances, as perceived by wise and knowledgeable power engineers, and not that conceived and driven by less informed people and our not-fit-for-purpose politicians.