Protesters gathered outside a flat where they believe a convicted paedophile was meant to be moving in today.

Around 30 protesters assembled on King William Street, Pembroke Dock, at 6pm this evening (Wednesday, October 2), to see whether the man would show up.

The protesters, watched on by four police officers, spoke of their anger that a convicted paedophile could be moved into an area where children are living.

Aiden Halliday, who lives in the flats where the man is believed to be moving, was angry that his own child could be put in that situation.

“He’s meant to be moving in today,” Mr Halliday said.

“I have got a daughter living with me.

Western Telegraph: Mr Halliday outside the flat PICTURE: Martin CavaneyMr Halliday outside the flat PICTURE: Martin Cavaney
“I thought it was a bit weird when about 10 people view the flat, then I saw a letter with his name all over it.

“I spoke [to a man from the housing company] who said he’s not moving in there, but they wouldn’t be sending him letters if he wasn’t moving in there. It will be the same welcome pack that I had.

“The police even came along and removed that letter.

“It’s like everyone protects the paedophile round here.

“I’m absolute fuming they’re putting him here. Why would they put him there when they know my kid is there?”

Western Telegraph:

Another protester added: “I have had a copper say it was sent out to a potential address, why would they do that?

“Everyone is worried about him, shouldn’t they know where he is right now? They should be keeping tabs on him all the time?”

“There are a lot of families around here, it may not be the nicest looking place here, but there’s a lot of kids who need to be protected,” Mr Halliday added.

Western Telegraph:

Jodie Williams, another protester at the demonstration, said she was also angry that the man could be moving in there.

“I live across the road, I’ve got five children, I’m angry that they would put him in there knowing we’re here.

“I’m really concerned for my children, I ain’t letting my kids out my house until I know he is moved.”

A police spokesman said: “Police attended a protest outside a property in Pembroke Dock, on the evening of Wednesday, October 2. A group of around 35 people had gathered there.

"The protest passed without any disorder and no further police action was required.

"Dyfed-Powys Police would like to remind communities that any action they take themselves could result in a crime inadvertently being committed and as a consequence police action would have to be taken." 

Superintendent Ross Evans added: “Safeguarding all our communities is our top priority and I would like to assure communities that officers and staff work hard visibly through patrol plans, behind the scenes and working with our partners to make sure everyone can live safely.”