PEMBROKESHIRE Hunt’s move to Treffgarne was approved by councillors, although nearby residents remain concerned.

The hunt will move its 80 hounds and fallen stock business from its Slade Villa home of 113 years to land at Tan y Garne following planning approval on October 1.

An existing building on the land, is to be used as kennels to house hunt hounds and a fallen stock processing unit.

The application had been approved for delegated approval in July but returned to committee following confirmation of the status of the existing building and a pollution control report.

The building will be extended to provide outdoor kennel runs and a static caravan for the kennel huntsman to live in.

All fallen stock will be collected by the hunt, not delivered, and processed to feed the hounds.

A report to committee adds that the Pembrokeshire Hunt has been established for more than 300 years, with the fallen stock element functioning for the last 13 years.

On behalf of objectors, David Colston said it was felt an environmental impact assessment should have been carried out and questioned the size of the proposed extension.

Cllr Michelle Bateman added that residents in her ward had concerns over “distress” caused to those who “have to live with the impacts.”

“There’s a huge difference, I believe, in a site being suitable for this activity and a site that is available and made suitable,” she added.

Jack Bridge spoke on behalf of the hunt and reminded the committee that the application is compliant with all statutory requirements.

He added that in its 113 years at Slade Villas had been “without incident” and relationships with neighbours had been “excellent.”

This was echoed by Cllr Jamie Adams who said there had been a “good record of compliance during its tenure there.”

He added that there was “appropriate supervision of this site and sound management plans that will be enforced.”

The committee approved the application with ten votes in favour and one against.