Protesters are once again calling for a convicted paedophile to be removed from the community.

Around 50 protesters have gathered this evening (Friday, October 4), calling for a man to be removed from a property on Ashadale Lane in Pembroke.

Many of the protesters attended a similar demonstration earlier this week.

Wednesday's protest started on King William Street, Pembroke Dock, before moving to Ashdale Lane, where the man is believed to be staying with a family member.

One eyewitness described the mood as peaceful but said the protesters had a clear demand.

Ann, a resident, said she had come out to find out why so many cars had been going up the street and was shocked that a convicted paedophile could be staying there.

Western Telegraph:

Ann said: “There’s lots of children here, there’s a school here, I’ve got grandchildren. Something has got to be done, he can’t stay here.

“Not only that, but he’s coming back here, to an old lady’s bungalow, the neighbours are all elderly as well - they must be frightened to death.

“Something has to be done before someone gets hurt.

"Something has got to be done, not just for me but for everyone else.”

Ann said she was frustrated because there was no one there from the housing association to talk to the residents and to calm their fears.

Western Telegraph:

“This could get out of hand because no one is listening," she said. "I don’t even think there is even a housing association person here, and they should be.

“We don’t want him to be coming here again, and if it means evicting her from here, then so be it.

“They need to stop him coming here, there’s a school just up the road there, he can’t be staying here.

“There are loads and loads of children living around here.”

A local mother, who did not wish to be named, said: "It's unfair that he has been brought back here, they removed him the other day.

"There are a lot of children on the estate and we're afraid to let them out to play now."

There are believed to be around 15 police officers at the scene, guarding a bungalow.

Police have told protesters that the man is not in the property, but protesters said they do not believe them.

In a statement issued after Wednesday's protest, a police spokesperson reminded the community not to take any action that could be inadvertently criminal.

They said: "Dyfed-Powys Police would like to remind communities that any action they take themselves could result in a crime inadvertently being committed and as a consequence police action would have to be taken." 

Superintendent Ross Evans added: “Safeguarding all our communities is our top priority and I would like to assure communities that officers and staff work hard visibly through patrol plans, behind the scenes and working with our partners to make sure everyone can live safely.”