IT is certainly refreshing and a welcome change to support a letter (Western Telegraph, September 24) from Eleanor Clegg, Friends of the Earth, and Christopher Jessop, Independent Energy Consultant, Marloes, plus co-contributor Charles Mason, The Environmental Network Pembrokeshire.

It was very encouraging to read some common sense and deeper understanding which condemned electricity generated by nuclear fission.

When the first UK nuclear power station at Calder Hall opened in 1956 it was stated in the media that electricity would now be so cheap as to not warrant metering – we all know how false and silly this claim has turned out to be.

Indeed, we should all be protesting vociferously against the building of nuclear fission power stations - especially that of Hinkley Point, just across the Bristol Channel.

Just recently it has been reported that the rising cost of building this station has spiralled to an eye watering £22.5billion – this being partly due to the rock upon which the station is being built was found to be more prone to breaking up, thus making it more expensive for laying the foundations – you just couldn’t make it up!

To even consider building a nuclear plant on a flat, low Somerset coastline that experiences the second highest tidal range on the planet is complete lunacy!

It would appear the ‘ruling elite’ never learn and have no grasp of history in their understanding and decision making - are they not aware that during 1607 a Great Flood inundated land for miles on both sides of the Bristol Channel with flood water surging up to six miles onto the South Gloucester levels - although more worryingly flooded the Somerset levels as far as Glastonbury Tor.

There was extensive loss of life in human terms and livestock – the floodwaters lay on the ground for up to two weeks – could this be a fate awaiting Hinkley Point as history has a nasty habit of repeating itself – have the planners and builders also considered global warming and sea level rise?

Lessons have obviously not been learnt from Chernobyl and more tellingly that of Fukushima, Japan, where unbelievably decisions were taken to build a nuclear plant on a coastline prone to tsunamis, and we all know the catastrophic result of that myopic decision!

Remember also that apart from the expensive building and running of nuclear plants, there is the horrendous cost of de-commissioning and the nightmare problem of what to do with deadly nuclear waste - without trying to sound over dramatic it can be said that generating electricity from nuclear fission is truly the work of the Devil!

If readers wish to enlighten themselves further I would, modestly, recommend my paperback titled 21st Century Electricity (ISBN 978-1-78507-390-8) obtainable from Amazon and WH Smith priced at £7.99.