OH dear, oh dear, it seems to be very easy to upset Hr Haskell.

Speaking to one's colleagues on work issues can be helpful.

However, help and understanding can be obtained from another source - reading. You are never too old to learn.

I would refer once again to professor MacKay's book 'Sustainable Energy'. Unlike some other books dealing with the same subject, this is a book of academic distinction. It is quite unworthy to refer to it as misleading propaganda.

On the issue of the recent large-scale power outage, it is now a matter of public record that this was caused by a lightning strike which affected two major generators, one wind and one gas, together with many smaller conventional generators.

Regarding the danger to birds caused by wind turbines, the RSPB is very clear that a well sited turbine is not a significant problem. In fact, they go further and state clearly that the danger to birds and other wildlife of man-made climate change is far greater.

On the topic of David Bellamy, any resident of Usk who had lived though one of its major flooding events would not think kindly of a man who wrote a report supporting a new housing development in the area that could make the flood risk considerably worse.

The same Mr Bellamy clearly does not like wind turbines. He knows we are being brain washed.

In an interview with the Daily Express he stated that the appearance of a wind turbine in the BBC programme 'The Teletubbies' was a case of subliminal advertising. One has to admire his perspicacity.

Can Mr Haskell tell us if he endorses this opinion of the Teletubbies?

If he does, then 'res ipsa loquitur'.