SOME writers to the Western Telegraph insist that a range of diverse renewable technologies coupled with storage could never provide all the electricity Britain needs: “Can't be done!”

However, an Orkney project being rolled out at the moment aims to demonstrate that, with sufficient investment in plant and infrastructure, certain islands can rely 100 per cent on non-nuclear renewable generation… not just for electricity, but the heat energy needed for homes and businesses, plus fuel or power for transport.

Furthermore, by exporting hydrogen produced with excess green power, smaller islands can help decarbonise the larger community, including the ferries so vital to life up there.

Readers seeking more information can listen on BBC Sounds to Radio 4’s Costing The Earth episode 'Carbon Free Islands': the follow-up programme, 'Powering Britain', discusses the challenge of aiming the entire UK for a zero carbon future, not just as regards electricity, but all energy needs.


Pembrokeshire Friends of the Earth,