You can swap one Boris for another this momentous Hallowe'en.

But whatever your views on Brexit this performance will be sure to have you screaming.

Rooms with a View Cinema will be screening a Universal studio monster movie double bill featuring the legend of all screen monsters, Boris Karloff.

Karloff stars in both all-time classic horror movies as the haunting Imhotep and mummy in 'The Mummy' (1932) and the angry, love struck ‘monster’ in 'The Bride of Frankenstein' (1935).

Boris Karloff, born in Camberwell south London in 1887, became the original, iconic Frankenstein monster we all recognise today.

Thanks to Jack Pearce’s innovative make-up design and Karloff’s understanding of Mary Shelley’s novel, Karloff’s iconic roles in all three performances as ‘The Monster’ for Universal studios during the 1930s has arguably never been equalled.

His mesmerising performance as Imhotep and the Mummy also is celebrated by critics then and today. Both films were huge successes for Universal studios during the 1930’s and ignited horror cinema for the future.

'The Bride of Frankenstein' which features an incredible performance from another south London born actor, Elsa Lanchester as ‘The Monster’s mate’ is revered today as the best Universal monster movie of all time!

Both films will be screened in the intimate Crypt cinema underneath the great chapel at Manorbier castle adding to an evocative atmosphere.

Jumbo hot dogs, soup, hot chocolate, soft drinks, bottle beers and wine will be served pre-show and during the intermission. Everyone is welcome to get their Hallowe'en glad rags on and come in costume.

The event is co-organised by the Tenby based non-for-profit group, Rooms with a View Pop Up Cinema in collaboration with Manorbier castle.

"We always look to license classic cinema in screening venues that complement the film and assist in telling the story," says Simon Worley.

"If we continue receiving the great support from fans of cinema then we’ll continue to source great films for resonant venues."

Cinema begins at 7.30pm but get there earlier for refreshments and sampling the atmosphere before the show begins. Tickets are £10 and are available for online purchase at