Prepare for shocks and scares, at a Hallowe’en house walkthrough that celebrates all things spooky.

Ethan Kettle, of Lavinia Drive, is combining his love of Hallowe’en with a chance to raise money for Withybush Hospital’s Ward 10.

His mum, Lisa Kettle, said they have a huge number of decorations going up ready for the yearly spook-fest.

“There’s a lot of decorations - It’s going to be out the front, into the garage, through the garden and back out again.”

Lisa promised this year’s display was going to be big.

“Ethan has got a lot to do,” she added.“The main thing is it is for such a great cause.”

This year’s display, which is called House of 1,000 Corpses, is going to be held over two nights, starting tonight (Wednesday, October 30) from 5pm to 10pm and Thursday, October 31 from 4pm to 10pm on Lavinia Drive, Pembroke Dock.

While admission to the event is free, donations are welcome, with all proceeds going to Ward 10.

Ethan said: “There is quite a lot to go up.

“If you counted all the decorations I think there must be over 100.”

Withybush’s Ward 10 was picked this year because of the help they had given his grandfather during his final months.

“My grandfather passed away in June and they were really good to him. It was the best place for him,” Ethan said.

“I just thought I could raise some money to help them, it was just giving something back.”

Last year’s Hallowe’en display raised almost £200 for SNAP.