THE WALLS leading up to Fishguard's Gateway hub are awash with colour and climate change messages, thanks to a competition run by Transition Bro Gwaun (TBG).

Young people from Fishguard and Goodwick were invited to come up with their own mural designs on the theme of the climate crisis.

The competition received hundreds of entries from local schools and POINT youth club. These were all scanned by TBG's Waste Busting coordinator, Becky Lloyd who sent them off to local graffiti artist Lloyd Roberts.

Lloyd took aspects of many of the different designs and incorporated them into a finished mural design.

These were sprayed onto the wall leading up to the Gateway Hub like a giant painting by numbers page ready for local young people to fill them in with spray painted colours.

Young people from POINT as well as pupils from Ysgol Wdig and Ysgol Glannau Gwaun were responsible for turning the mural outline into a stunning and eye-catching piece of Graffiti art.

The mural, which has been supported by funding from Renew Wales and Fishguard and District Roundtable, is part of a wider project to engage the community in discussions about climate change, and what we can do to alleviate it, through the arts which has included a comedy night, a folk music gig and theatre performances.

"We wanted to engage the schools," said TBG Waste Busting coordinator, Becky Lloyd. "Children are aware of what is going on. The mural focuses on the positive things we can do. The children came up with some amazing ideas and we had more than 100 entries.

"The mural looks amazing, it is positive, engaging, colourful and bright. People can't miss it."

It is hoped that further funding can be secured to continue the mural painting into the car park of the Gateway hub, any individuals or organisations interested in supporting this can contact Becky Lloyd,

There will be a conference showcasing the work done by Transition Bro Gwaun , supported by Renew Wales, on Wednesday, November 27.

The Creative Climate Communications event will be a day of performances, workshops and dialogue for anyone who is, or would like to be, creatively engaging their group or community to talk about climate change in Wales.

There will be participatory performances and workshops of forum theatre, youth theatre, collaborative mural painting, storytelling, singing, comedy, craft and waste reduction activities.

For more information, and to book your place please visit: